This is a great tag! My new puppy decided to meet the neighbors down the street but they didn’t know who the dog belonged to.  I received an email alert and phone call pretty soon after. It worked.  I was able to go down and get him and properly introduce him.  This saved me a lot of stress, thank you QR My Pet.

--Kevin Dory

We recently bought a QR My Pet tag and feel much more comfortable when we leave home to go to work. I really like the E-Alerts that we will receive. Thank you for such a great service

--Tracey McMillan

Our dog got out of our yard two times and ended up at the rescue on both occasions. It cost us over $500 in fines to get her out. Having a QR tag would have saved us heaps of money and time. I wish I had this tag for my dog then. Now I will never go without one.

--Tina Sullivan

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